18 April, 2008

i'm ron burgundy?

so eggl came up with a brilliant plan earlier today...if i'm only allowed 4 hrs a day to eat, s**t, and sleep, (direct quote, by the way) then i don't have any time to b walkin back and forth to studio, or goin back to the room to cook my meals...so wat does that mean? well, eggl's suggestion was to actually move into studio. grab ur clothes, sleeping bag and food, we're changin homes...to b perfectly honest, the studio has everythin we need, and everythin's better than the stuff at resa neways...they hav a full kitchen, washer, shower, big fridge...so y not? i'm prty much gonna b livin in studio neways, might as well make the best of it...let's see how this turns out, i'm sure there're gonna b some interestin video logs within the next couple of days

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