06 April, 2008

Trojans, Viruses, and Worms...OH MY!!!!!!!!!

I dont know about the other groups but within our group, we have had a series of computer infections. This is not good as I need my computer to last me at least this semester, because if it doesn't, I don't exactly have the funds to get a new one. I know that Sonal's, Puja's and my computer all started acting funky with different programs and slowly but surely our virus scanners started picking up trojans and the likes. Stephen then discovered that since his computer had been set back to 2007, his virus scanner had not been up do date for a whole year so when he set it back to 2008 and updated his virus stuff, it found around 7 viruses on his computer and even more on his external. I had been scanning my computer on a regular bases but I have never done it with external stuff so I did that this morning. I scanned my hard drive, my external hard drive, my ipod, and Sonal's thumb drive (since our group uses it to pass things around). The winner was Sonal's thumb drive with two different trojans, and a virus/worm. It was followed by my ipod which had a virus on it. My laptop itself had a trojan and the typical ad stuff that is found everyday. I have never experienced so many problems at once and I have no idea where they are coming from, but I hope my computer can rest easy for a little while.

And by the way if you are having trouble with your computer, scan it with all your external drives in, and if you dont already have it I recommend getting Spyware doctor off the google pack because it picks up more than adaware and spybot combined and it picks up different things than just a normal virus scanner like norton 360 or mcafee.

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