10 April, 2008

One thing I will Not Miss: Hookers

So the other night I was working in Studio and the Texas A & M students were leaving to get some sleep.  Well since Clemson did not have a key, I had to go meet Jeremy from Texas A & M up near Plaza Catalunya at 3:30 in the morning.  I have been out a good bit this semester at this time either doing work or hanging out occasionally.  Well the other night the majority of people hanging out on the Rambla were the BEER SELLER or HOOKERS.  The hooker have never really bothered me before, but the other night they would see me coming and start approaching me from 100 yard away.  Then when I would tell the three time NO, GET AWAY.  They would start trying to grab me (the arm).  I would quickly walk away from them and they would start following me.   I started running at a quick pace twice and they were right there with me.  Then I started getting really mad.  So after meeting Jeremy I bought a beer just so I could use it as a grenade.  The plan was if a group or one started approaching me and did not leave me alone, they were going to get hit with a beer or going to get beer sprayed on them.  This plan being stupid but with lack of sleep it seemed like a good idea.  It ended up working  to keep them away.

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