11 April, 2008

Calatrava Makes Me Smile

Last weekend, Lauren, Shannon, and I took a bus out to Valencia. The bus was a four hour trip, but if you get there early and take the last bus out, you have approximately 7 hours of so to walk and be a tourist. Well, Valencia is really nice for one. A dried up river bed that runs through out the entire city has been turned into green and leisure space and the location for the City of Arts and Sciences. I would just like to add that the river cuts through the entire city. It is a lot of green. Anyways, we got to Calatrava land where he has 6 or so structures all in one area. The entire thing is other worldly. The highly organic forms that almost seem alien to the Gothic city cram together and are contrasted with large shallow pools of water. The entire site is just really amazing filled with large white structures. It was amazing to have one architect build multiple buildings and structures in one area. It goes against my personal preference of having a diversity of architecture. It was almost theme parkish. I was expecting there to be a large fluffy bridge mascot taking photos with small children. It still makes you smile to be there because his buildings are amazing and they create a highly animated atmosphere that is really difficult to describe. Everyone should go though. It is close. A bus ride round trip is 46 euro. Not bad. And if you can go for two day, then do it because there are some things that I would have like to have done like go into the aquarium. So, just go.

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