16 April, 2008



Yesterday, Shannon, Brett, and myself went to take pictures of the site. We'll just crossing the bridge wasn't good enough for us...so we decided to go into Mont Juic. So there we were, the site to our backs and Mont Juic towering infront of us. The road separated us from the foot of the mountain...how were we going to cross? A tunnel lie before us dark and forboding. Who knew what creatures we would find slumbering away inside. Brett pulled up his shorts and I tightened the drawstrings on my bag and Shannon secured her camera into her back pocket. We were going in. The dark tunnel swallowed us as if we were krill being swallowed by a blue whale...and what lie inside was even more interesting. The smell of urine and decaying food stuck like mortar in my lungs caking and saturating my lungs. Foul, homeless creatures lay, slumbering like lions in a den. We were careful not to disturb them for we were in their lair and not welcome at that! Then we saw the other end of the tunnel...we were free...we exited the smelly hole and found ourselves at the mountain.

The cliffs were steep and seemed unpenatrable, but we had an "ace in the hole," Brett the rock climber. He found us a perfect way in up the face of the mountain. So Shannon and I followed Brett's lead until we reached the next landing. We came to a flat surface and noticed we were in a desert-scape. Cacti and succulant plants with gorgeous flowers were all around us. This was not Spain, we were in some kind of different place. Shannon and I were entraced by the flowers, taking pictures left and right, while Brett maintained his steadfastness about this mission. This areas had a strange calm about it, as there were no people to be seen anywhere. Where had Brett lead us to? It was some kind of park, and we were not supposed to be there. But alas, we needed that all-perfect shot of our site. As I was perched over a cactus, Brett calls out, "Duck your heads, they're watching."
I look up and what do i find but a security camera in front of me. I hide my face and we ran to the pole where the camera was situated. This way the camera could not see us. (I had learned this little trick from playing video games.) Next we traveled along a path and I still found myself awe-struck by the plants. Again, "Duck your heads!"
We divert to another path without any cameras. Then Brett spots a weakness in the surrounding fences. We exploit this weakness but we had to push our way through dangerous cacti with large and dangerous quills!
Once we got street side, we made our way up to a new construction site. This was the perfect place to get our shot. But again, the workers would not let us pass. So we walk to a bar, sit and have drinks. We reminisce about things then we realized it was getting late and we still needed that shot. So Brett makes his way back to the construction site and no one is there. He sneaks out into the side, moving the fence just so, so that he could slip through, when suddenly a man in a trailor is alerted to Brett's presence. Brett quickly gets out of his line of site and rendezvous with us in front of the cafe.
Now it seemed as though we would never get the shot we had come so far to get. But Brett thought otherwise. He instructed me to go to up and along the wall and try to get the shot, but the man that had spotted him had spotted me also and yelled something in catalan to which I could only imagine were a slew of curse words and warnings. I then, knowing I had to come through found a weakness in a gate that sat just below me. I shimmied through this tiny hole and was again, back among the desert plants. I had to then scale down part of the mountainside, but to my dismay I fell down the mountainside. But I must have been disoriented from my fall and a little disoriented from the alcohol of my beer, because I only managed to take a shot of me and a cactus and not of the site.
Suddenly I hear, footsteps running towards me. I get ready to fight or flee when I noticed it was Brett. He ran and grabbed the camera took the shot and we ran back to the gate. Both of us jumped and scaled the gate, me not as gracefully as Brett, to meet Shannon on the other side. As we were leaving, the faint sound of some alarm was going off in the distance. Could this have been from us? Maybe, I would have liked to think so.

After all of this, we made our way back to HQ or RESA and settled down for the night.


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