04 April, 2008

This past weekend, I stayed in Sevilla, BUT I drove about 100 km to Jerez de la Frontera to play at the motorcycle races! Jerez was this little town in the middle of nowhere full of farmland... trust me, smelled like the backroads of Ohio. And the center of the town had that old town kind of feel to it, perfect for motorcycle riders. MotoGP was held there this week, and I always like to sit in the living room and watch the races at home with my Daddy-O on Sunday afternoons, so I thought, how cool would it be to see these huge races live while I'm in Spain and maybe get a chance to see Valentino Rossi, who is my absolute favorito!!! Hands-down... oh man, so awesome. And the Spanish spectators... so awesome and fun to be around. They are crazy about motocyclismo, and they all show up on bikes with all their nice leathers, or they have tents set up or campers or they are passing out every night in the dirt, and they are just a helluva good time. The video I posted happened after the qualifying races in the parking lot Saturday while we were waiting on traffic to die down a little. The little guy was pulling doughnuts on his 4-wheeler... he was absolutely precious. The ugly guy with the thong, not so much, but I'm hoping I posted the video without him. Ha.

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