11 April, 2008

My new favorite.

So, I have been trying to eat better and more cost efficiently for a while. However, I do not always have time to make a larger meal, so I have recently been trying to compact it all into one portion... the awesomest sandwich de Barcelona. It requires three pieces of bread, lots of butter, cheese, ham, maybe bacon if you like, and an egg. You start off by cutting a circle in a piece of bread to about the size of a yolk. You then crack an egg in a hot skillet, then take the piece of bread and place it on top of the egg so that the yolk is through the hole. Then, put the circle of bread left over on top of the yolk. Add a some butter on the bread and let it cook. Then, toast the other two slices in a pan and place some cheese on top of one slice. Do not put the two slices together. Then, take the egg bread and put it in between the two toasted slices. Add the meat to you desire and presto. It is not a new sandwich or anything, but it is good and cheap. I cook a lot with eggs because they are cheap along with ham. So, just get on with your eggs and eat good.

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