04 April, 2008

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Thursday ultra-studio [Hour 5] :
We had some time to discuss our new project developments with Professor Sanchez-Tappan.

Group 4--Team No Girls Allowed--is making some exciting progress with our brainchild, currently titled "TRANSITorium"(patent pending). Our scheme is becoming representative of several principle concepts. Most notably, the importance of creating connections [both visually, through architectural gestures, as well as with the introduction of multiple transportation infrastructures] is the driving notion behind our thingthing.

At the moment, I'm working on generating some informative diagrams which will hopefully also be THE JAM, visually. 3Adie's been locked in his room making some cool 3D renderings to convey the style and character of our concept...a character which Professor Sanchez-Tappan describes as 'very sexy'. Ellis is excited that we're finally getting into the details of landscape planning--landscapers...am I right? Unfortunately, Joey's fallen ill...likely from eating a tainted doner kabab.

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Joe Broerman said...

Hey snoop, when AREN'T you working on some informative diagrams?!