07 April, 2008

Terraced Buildings

Who said buildings can not be terraced. I can not remember the name of this building in Basel, Switzerland but I really like the way it was flared and was terraced on the bottom floors.  This is hopefully going to be an idea that we are going to incorporate on our Studio Project.  This is a neat idea especially if you and green space/ roof top gardens on the terrace parts.  Basel, Switzerland was full of amazing architecture.   It is no wonder why Herzog de Mueron is located in such a rich architecture fabric.   It is weird with me writing this right now.  Kathrine just talked about terraced Hotels along the Spanish Coast and how much it has developed.  It goes to show that terracing has long been used to take advance of unsuitable sites.   The great thing is it is one Great Tool for Landscape Architects too.

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bobrien said...

who did say building could not be terraced?