11 April, 2008

Boardwalks are blue?!

Yesterday, I sat through what I guess I could call my first architecture final review. ALL of it. It wasn't ours, but it was a good insight to a week and a half from now. Nothing against A&M, but wow. How can you spend 4 months working on a project and have as little as they did when they are only taking 12 credit hours??? And what kills me is the fact that the grade they get here will get bumped up a letter grade when they get home, so the rumors go...

Highlights from the review if you missed this hilarious show:

They did not show really any kind of program, or talk about it... no circulation criteria, really... they had a huge lack of scales and references (people, cars, bikes, etc.)... their designs were not seductive enough... they didn't even think to use sections and sketches to show spaces, circulation... no materials... hardly any steel... very boring and monotonous sections... a lot of apologies and excuses (ps, you get reamed for doing this in an LA review)... not enough diagrams... boring renderings... no project or program statements... boardwalks are apparently really evident when colored blue... hotels are apparently red... commercial is yellow?... (apparently no zoning research was done about this)... and I really enjoyed the A&M professor's humor about this review and his comments as to what would have happened if they showed him the work they did in his fourth year studio. He was awesome and cracked me up a bit. Doug Hecker was also awesome with the shaking of the head and his questions and comments. If you didn't stay, you really missed a good time, in my head anyways.

Hopefully my notes will help all of us in one week point 5 :)


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