20 April, 2008

Josep M. Folch i Torres

So working on Kathrin’s paper has been fun. Calvin and I observed how people use Plaza de Josep M. Folch i Torres and how the construction has begun to affect the park. Adding slides to our presentation isn’t all that bad, a few more diagrams and updated pictures. What are we gonna talk about? We have tried looking everywhere for information on this park. After trying everywhere that Kathrin has sent us, we have come up empty handed. With this being the case, we decided to try and go to the people that use the park by handing out a questionnaire that had a few questions on it to try and gain an insight to this park. Apparently that wasn’t such a good idea…. Or so we found out at our review. Questionnaires have underlined meanings behind them. However, I feel that the questionnaire was a struggle and ended with slim success.

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