04 April, 2008

Bruzin' for a Cruzin'

We did work this week... in more way than one. After class, Eggl and I went out to the skate park a couple days this week, we walked away with a few new moves and many more bruises. The vibe at the park was really great, one of the kids that we usually see got injured the day before, but he was still skating, inventing new tricks that involve two crutches and a skateboard. I will say, we aren't that good yet, but I did walk away with a sense of satisfaction and relief. Hellloooo weekend!

Tomorrow we're going to Sitges. Everyone else is going to hit up the beach, but I think Eggl and I are going to check out the skatepark up there... looks cool in the pictures, I just hope its as good in real life.

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