03 April, 2008

Keepin it Clean since 1986

dearest blog,

So this week has gone by pretty fast and I don't know why. Maybe its because we aren't working on data cards anymore, or we don't have Spanish class anymore. This is probably going to be my most random blog of the semester. Independent travel was great, but now i'm glad to just be in one spot for more than two seconds.

I dislocated my left shoulder right when I got back to Barcelona though which was stupid and pissed me off. Now i'm temporarily out of commission for about 4 weeks, just when i need to leave to go back home :(.

Anyway on the bright side I registered for classes and got my exit project. Only 2 more semesters left then I'm out into the great outdoors. I hope its a little more fun than some of this stuff i've been doing the past 21 years of my life. Until next time, peace, love, and happiness to all of you

Wash Owt.

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