13 April, 2008

Form Z

I tried learning Rhino, I really did. But without a gabillion plug ins it just does not have the rendering abilities that Form Z has. So I reinstalled Form Z...It was a little painful but then I started remembering all the cool stuff I did with the program...I also thought I remembered for the most part how to do stuff. So I start messing with it...mostly with the topography button because I wanted to model Mont Juic. Of course the second I start doing anything, it starts acting screwy. I kept trying different buttons and options and I even looked up directions on how to do it but I could not ever it to work for the life of me. I wasted a solid 3 hours just trying to get 2 commands to work...and like typical form z it suddenly decided to spring to life when someone else touched it. Oh well, At least it seems to be working now. I'm sure it will get another chance to annoy me though in the near future.

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