18 April, 2008

Crunch time

We're getting to that point in the project where you start to hope things are going to fall into place and all this group craziness is going to turn out a finished project idea. The hardest part at this point for me is how many of the things that need to be done seem to only be accomplishing one purpose and not many. Things need to be done just for the review, that wont affect the competition aspect at all. Other things need to be done just for Hecker's materials aspects, that Juan Carlos himself told us not to do, since he didnt know it was for the other class. And then details of the boards, that need to get done, but get pushed back to get all this other stuff done. Makes for a stressful last weekend of classes. Hopefully the group will make it out ok. The review is looking pretty light...you know, some pretty chill reviewers...haha or the exact opposite. Quite a crew of critics has been assembled to form what could the most formidable (and numerous) group of critiquers any of have ever presented before. This group includes the usual...Juan Carlos, Doug Hecker and Miguel Roldan...then a few more Barcelona additions...Kathrin Golda-Pongratz and Xavier Costa...then add a few more Clemson folk...you know, Chris Mills and Martha Skinner...and then someone from Catholic University?? My favorite part is that Juan Carlos in under the impression that a jury of eight, yes eight, people will critique 6 groups on five months of work in just 4 hours. Should be interesting to see...because it would be a minor miracle if that actually happens. In all honestly, there is something about this jury that makes me want to work that much harder, because these are some pretty major people, but it also makes me very worried. I feel like the first two months of the semester when we mapped the city 900 times and make a frank plan...we were just drawing out something that could have been done so much faster. I hope that the designing that we did in the time that we had makes the cut in the end and that our project is something that we are proud of at the final review. I guess this weekend is where the we get the chance to show what we are made of...will we pull it together? or crumble under the pressure? I sure am hoping for the first one.

(as I typed this, Harry is playing something kind of dark and really awesome on the piano in the background...makes everything seem more dramatic haha)

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