06 April, 2008

A day at the park

So Adam and I went to our park for Katrin this afternoon for what we hope is the last time. Our object today was to find people willing to sketch out how they envision our park on paper. This can be quite challenging given not only the language barrier, but also the fact that people aren't going to the park to be bothered by two American students asking to draw and be interviewed. After A NUMBER of failures, we did meet some younger couples willing to help us out.

Our conclusion is that in order for the park and area to become as successful as Miralles and the Texan developer envisioned, there needs to be an actual connection between the water and the park. The fact that it wasn't constructed they way it was initially designed is its biggest failure.

On another note, karma got back to me today. I've ridden the Metro probably 60 times since I've been here. I've paid for 58 of them. I haven't gotten checked ONCE. Until today, when I was fresh out of T-10s. Of course it would be that time when they decided to CHECK. Fine is 20 Euro if you have the money with you, and 40 if you don't (they send it in the mail). I was tempted to tell them my name was Chad Hoffman, Room B407 at RESA (just kidding Chad, kinda). Moral of the story, don't listen to Rush. Buy a ticket.

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