11 April, 2008

Looks like Barcelona, but it's not

Last Saturday a few of us went to Sitges, a little town South of Barcelona for a visit. It is a free train ride from Sants-Estacio on platform 10. Just ask for a Renfe card like you would if you were headed to the airport. After about a 30 minute train ride you will find yourself in Sitges, a little Spanish town that people from all over can enjoy. I heard very few English speaking people while we were in the city, and I would guess this is a favorite destination for native Catalans to get away from the tourists in Barcelona. The beach is real...need I say more. Although our trip was a little on the cold side, we took in some good sun and played a little futbol, they have a skate bowl that Rush and Eggl can tell you more about. If laying on the beach isn't your thing, we stumbled upon motocross time trial races in the heart of the city. Lots to do in this little city, but if you are looking for a fun Saturday for zero money and very little effort this is the place to go.

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