04 April, 2008

When 7.20 euro was just too much

So today I decided to do some tourist-style leisure activities, such as go to the arch book store, go inside the mercat Santa Caterina, visit the Parc de la Ciutdella and its’ Cascada, the Arc de Triomf, then finally try and hit up our park of study. And like a good roommate I decided to ask Josh if he wanted to come along. So we leave and we’ve making good time all the way until we try and take the metro to Park Clot. I put my card through and I’m on the waiting platform. I turn around and see Josh fumbling in his wallet for a T-10. Hearing the sound of our approaching train, I began to get worried that we will have to wait the extra 3 minutes for the next one. Josh, still digging in his wallet, looks up in a state of confusion and swiftly turns to the ticket machine and examines the line for any hot chicas to cut. With none in site, Josh proceeds to the end of line behind the slightly obese woman. By the coming of train three Josh was purchasing his ticket. Wrong move #2 comes about when he decides to use his credit card instead of the exact change of 7.20 euro, which he had is his pocket. So his card gets stuck into the machine and I’m over there standing and staring at him from the other side, wondering whether or not I should just hop onto one of the 7 missed trains that passed me. So this little lady comes over and helps him and finally gets his card out ten minutes later.

LESSON LEARNED: Josh likes older little ladies!!!!!

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