04 April, 2008

Final Trip

Even though we have a ton of work coming up, Lindsay and I are taking advantage of our last month here in Spain and have planned a few trips. We're daytrippin' to Tarragona tomorrow (on purpose this time) so I decided to post a picture from our first day trip to Girona from one of the first weekends here. We also booked a ferry to Mallorca next weekend which I super excited about. We're basically going just to lie on the beach for a day, but whatever it'll be sweet. Hopefully we won't pay for it too bad with all the assignments we have coming up. Finally, we're planning on taking a trip to southern Spain after final review. We're going to hit up Seville, Malaga, and Granada to see the Alhambra. I know I'm just making these last few weeks just go by faster, but I wanna see as much as I can before this great experience ends.

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