14 February, 2008


CeLLuLar TeLephones! I got my first cell phone EVER (and man do I regret it). To the surprise of many, I managed to get by in the U.S. without ever having a cell phone. Partly because I didn't want to waste the money, but moreso because I think cell phones are leading more and more to an impersonal world. I did however, end up getting a phone about 3 weeks after arriving in Barcelona because Doug said it was a requirement and started asking for numbers, though I have yet to email him mine (sorry). Aside from all of this, there is ONE reason that I absolutely regret giving in and getting the phone:

IN CLASS AND MY PHONE RINGS! 3 people have my number, and all of them are in my class. HOLA? It's the phone company. In spanish. NO SE!

IT HAPPENS TWICE MORE! Apparently Moviestar (the phone company) is trying to sell me something...not sure what, but I DON'T WANT IT!

So that said, I will make noises and speak in non-existant languages when I answer the phone, but apparently they still don't understand that I DON'T WANT TO TALK!

So if you want to talk, please call 680617911 I will gladly talk to YOU. I've recieved 7 calls in the past 2 days from moviestar, before that, I used my phone 3 times. UHhhhh

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