14 February, 2008

No more rude blogs for me
Episode: 1
Chapter: 4 (the end)

Due to my recent frustration with my knee, not being able to participate in anything a normal 22 year active man would do, being sick for the last 5 days, living with another sick man, and having a stomach virus, I have been doing my blogs in non mature fashion. I apologize to anyone that may have been affended in any way.
Today I will blog about Dali.
Thus far I have seen a good number of paintings for Salvidor Dali; Reina Sofia and around the BCN area. His work holds such a strong paint stroke and can be interpreted in many ways. One work that really caught my eye was his painting entitled "El Enigma de Hitler." It was basicly a white dinner plate with a tiny picture of Hitler along with a dark scenery and a collage of related items that in some way describe him. I spent about half an hour trying to understand it and I feel like I got 5o% of it. Other than his paintings I was able to see a few of his sculptures. They honestly didn't really impress me all that much, but I really enjoy his photographs. Hopefully in the coming weeks I will visit his home town and see more paintings.

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