14 February, 2008

Barcelona: Is A Very Different CITY

Barcelona is a very enjoyable city minus the fact of all the studio work.   The culture experience has been very great.  I meet new interesting people everyday in the street looking for addresses or asking questions.  So far the Australian's have been the coolest people that I have met, other than Good OLE Americans.  The newest experience for me personally besides living for over a month in a foreign country that speaks a different language is having to carry your groceries and walking.   Being in landscape architecture I love how pedestrian orientated Barcelona is, it is nice not having to fill a truck up with gas every 2 weeks or less.   The Carrefour Super Mercat has been a real budget saver to me and other people.   They have everything you need plus more (AKA Liquor).  The great thing that many people see as a negative is having to carry your groceries home.   But personally I really enjoy buying groceries and walking down the La Rambla and always seeing interesting thing happening.   It is nice being so close to the La Rambla all the time, but on the downside it is so hard to make myself say inside and do work, when I know so much is happening during the day and night, right down the street.   Basically there is something very exciting happening and always so many new things to see, it is great.

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