14 February, 2008

Geeked to see Gehry's Goog

The highlight of our first study travel, besides the overall beauty of San Sebastian, was spending an afternoon in the Guggenheim. I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I left with a lot more appreciation for it then when I came in to Bilbao. Although it may look quite different than the its surroundings, it had a way of integrating with the site that I would have never guess unless I was physically there. There were a number of elements, such as the titanium panels and the flow between the pond, bridge, and river, which were directly connected with fitting in with its context.

The art gallery within the museum was far more interesting to me than any I had seen in Madrid. It was a nice and peaceful end to the trip. I really hope to go back to San Sebastian at some point. It was great to see those Atlantic waves again, and the food was amazing. At the beginning of the meal at Kursaal, I remember commenting to Cromedaddyflex that I would rather have 35 McChickens than spend this amount on any kind of food. I quickly retracting that statement after the first of three courses on the Menu del Dia. It was the jam.

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What kind of TITLE IS THAT, I guess this is a Joey Special, just kidding.