14 February, 2008


I decided to chance it last weekend and head to Andorra on the spir of the moment.  I woke up after debating on whether or not I should do more school work or enjoy myself.  After making a couple phone calls and inviting students around the Resa, I decided to head out by myself for Andorra.  The main reason I decided to go by myself was the fact that it has been a long time since I have experienced good SNOW SKIING.  This way no one had to WAIT on me and I could ski all day and return, getting my moneys worth of SKIING.  I have to say it turned out being one of my best experiences here so far.  I made new friends from Foreign Counties and ended getting a ride to a hotel by a nice French Woman.  The SCENERY, SHOPPING AND CLUBS were all so inviting.   The only one I was able to experience was the SCENERY and SKiing for the most part.  ORDINO- ARCALIS is where IT IS AT, Take that LA MOLINA.  Just Kidding skiing is Skiing,but then again there is ANDORRA.  I HIGHY RECOMMEND ANDORRA TO ANYONE WHO REALLY WANTS TO EXPERIENCE LIFE.  I tried to add a video but had problems with it loading, ANY HELP IS WELCOME!   ENJOY!

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