14 February, 2008

First Impressions


So first impressions of Barcelona.....it was amazing. Besides the fact that on the first day Chad Hoffman and I had to pay our dumb ass taxi driver extra money because he didn't even know where we lived after i showed him the directions on a piece of paper, and we walked through hooker alley at 12am at night with suitcases getting whistled at for sex and hashish. By the way...beware of hooker alley unless you're on trolll patrol or you want your phone stolen like Brett O'Brien. The rambla is the place to be if you're a tourist, but if you want cheaper food that is better go the opposite way towards parallel, or hit up the raval for some doner kebap. I take that back. Maleek's Turkish Kebap is tha dank and its onlly 3.50 euro right off Nou de la rambla near the rambla. I love Barcelona.

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