14 February, 2008

Settling in tha BCN!


Finally, I can settle in here. My room is pimp, hahaha if I was a dwarf. No but seriously its alright besides the fact two of my lights in my room are out and my toilets clogged. I can't wait until the maintenece people come up and fix it for me 3 weeks later. I bought a skateboard and I use it to kick push around. It was 80 euro but i think it was definately a good investment. I either use it to ride to class or go thrashing with Rush and Eggs. I'm not that good right now, but I want to get better and riding every other day should help. Plus just carrying around a board makes my badass points go up like by 2. hahahaha. We got in trouble in studio the other day for having a dance party. We were blasting "call on me" and kicking soccer balls, and skateboarding on the top floor. Apparently a studio dance party can get you arrested in Spain and we're not suppose to have any fun in studio according to Prof. Juan Carlos, but I bet if he were up there that night he'd have danced with us...maybe a little salsa. Anyway blog out!

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