15 February, 2008

Being a Tour Guide

As I have been in Barcelona for over a month now, I find myself able to travel around the city with relative ease and a good sense of where I am going. I remember when I first got here I had no clue how to even get back to RESA from La Rambla.

One of the interesting things that I have noticed is how I begin to look at the city differently the longer that I am here. One of the ways I've had the opportunity to see Barcelona differently is when I acted as a tour guide for the day. We had three lovely ladies in from Alicante and they wanted the JoeBro and B.O.B. BCNblitz. The interesting part of the tour was sharing the information that we have heard our professors talk about, as well as read and studied. Joe and I surprised ourselves with how much knowledge that we knew and how easily we navigated the city.

Nicole, one of the girls that came, had a list of 10 things that she had to see before she left and we were able to see all and more without any problems. While sitting outside of Sagrada Familia Joe and I were reflecting on how seeing the same building for the third time we were able to take a non-touristic view of the building. We started discussing the details that were interesting about the facade, aspects that we hadn't noticed the first two times or had seen but hadn't understood.

I look forward to continuing the experience of Barcelona as a resident and student rather than a tourist.

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