15 February, 2008


So someone earlier said that they caught the action of the protest of the bus drivers....well i was in it!  It all started with a trip to El Corté Inglés to buy a new cd for the nightclub i work at back home.  Well i finish at the store and come out to a mob of people chanting in catalan "Dos Dies!"  I looked around and tried reading the signs but of course...catalan.  So I asked a man what this was, he said that this was the strike for the bus drivers and he gave me a sheet of paper that had the info on it....catalan..blah.  I figured once more, "Hmm, interesting opportunity here."  So I joined the mob.  I took pictures and raced ahead of people so i could get a good view of everything and wow did I ever.  We walked on Plaça Cataluña then up Calle de Fontana, then down Via Lietana and the Calle Biesbe which led into Placa Sant Jaume, the town center, where there was a celebration of devils going on.  We completely interrupted this celebration and protested.  After heartfelt speaches by the leaders of the protest we marched down to Las Ramblas and back up to Plaça Cataluña.  I can honestly say this was an empowering moment.  I felt apart of the city a local.  So doing a datacard of this can def be something coming up in the near future.  

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