15 February, 2008

"I left my knees in Barcelona"

I ran track for three years, and I stopped after my sophomore year because I would be walking down the halls of school and a sharp pain would cause my knee to give out. Well, let's just say that some of that is coming back. I really like walking everywhere, except for when I use the metro. It really is a much nicer experience, and you really do enjoy the city much better. I don't really know what it is, but to walk to class or to the grocery store and to be so centralized that all that you need is just fifteen minutes away is really great. Also, whenever we do any walking tours throughout the city or what not, it is really great to be able to stay in a spot for a moment and appreciate a building rather than passing it by in a car. However, I feel that my knees are going to give out one day while walking up a hill or something. Then, I will get a tattoo that says, "I left my knees in San Francisco." Of course, I will write a song about it later and make a million dollars as an anatomical crooner.

*I do not want to be like him when I get older

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