15 February, 2008

Just a little philosophizing

WARNING: This blog post may get very deep. Coming to Barcelona may very well be the most influential experience of my life. I have always thought of myself as a small town kind of kid (although greenville isnt all that small). The kind who is born, grows up in, and never strays from one of the only places they know. Its true, I rarely leave the upstate of SC, except for the occasional beach trip. Until I came to Barcelona I figured I would settle down in Greenville. Then, unexpectedly, I found myself sitting on top of a giant hill in Toledo with five good buddies enjoying a beverage. I was just looking out over the horizon at the mountains and I realized how big this world really is and how far away from home I am. As we sat there we started talking about where we saw ourselves in the future. It surprised me to hear that some of those guys didn't want to go back to there hometowns to settle down.

This got me thinking though. I will be graduating in the near future and have to start figuring out what I am going to do with my life, namely what and where. I figure architecture is what I will do, but where is a harder thing to figure out. However, after my "size of the world epiphany" I have no idea where I will be. This world is too big to not want to see as much of it as I can.

But, I don't have to figure this out today. So I am going to enjoy myself in the great city of Barca, and try to make the best of this experience.

Love and Architecture


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