15 February, 2008

MLPP - Major League Ping Pong

The MLPP has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As what can only be described as the most manly and brutal sport ever, PING PONG is quickly taking the RESA resedendica over by storm. By only involving some balls, 2/4 paddles, and a table with net, one can from transform any lame room into an insane tournament ringed man area.

One month ago the first paddles were purchased and from there it's all history.

Under the rules of:

Commissioner: Ryan Ramsey


Vice Commissioner: Harry Han

the new title of MLPP Major League Ping Pong was given

the conferences are set:

EN- East North

The Korean Dragons- Harry Han primary attacks: cris-cross serve, long power slam

Gorgeous Hot Steams- Karen Muskopf pirmary attacks: consistent returns, knukle ball

The Green Jugglers- Adie Hailat primary attacks: crouch slam, silly paddle hits

EC- East Central

Wall Crawlers- Bret O'Brien primary attacks: tennis style shots, the tornado shot

The Silent Strikers- Steven Troutman primary attacks: spin serve, wise guy side shots

The Hustlers- Ryan Cromer primary attacks: swindle swip, wannaB slammer

ES- East South

The Crips- Ryan Ramsey primary attacks: the 4 serves of death, super slam, stab slice

return, the lip shoot

The Egg Men- Steven Eggl primary attacks: drunk man slam, big american cover-2 D

The Quacks- Josh Kehl primary attacks: jelly knee shot, corner press return

Major Season Events:

Spring Training_Jan 10

Season Opener_Fed 16

BMW Open_March 8

All Star Game_March 29

MLPP Finals_April 22-25

Let the season begin!!!!!!!

Local tournament times will be posted soon along with expansion team try-outs.


ChevygirlKG said...

You really should proofread your blogs, as anything else you write, Crutch.

bobrien said...

this made me laugh

D said...

Im in. I propose a round robin tournament in Placa Poeta Bosca in Barcelonetta....