15 February, 2008

Flight: 704 on 02 JAN 2008

I have grown up in a small town out in the country where our idea of traveling is packing up the car and driving to our destination. I have always liked the idea of flying so I was pretty pumped for this experience. So flying is opening me up to a whole new world.
Yeah, so my first flight was an international flight... what was I thinking? Imagine me with two suitcases and a backpack spread across the living room floor... I do not have a clue what to pack or how to pack it for the flight. After a pretty long night, passing out on the floor, waking up the next morning and finally zipping my bags as my mom gets home from work, my journey to BCN begins.
Finally most of my family and I arrive at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport where I meet up with three of my classmates. The plane was booked so we could not swap seats. This left me with a lady traveling for business to the other side of Israel.
The flight was pretty long...eight and a half hours long to be exact. Overlooking the delay, the stewardess not bringing my meal to me and the fact that I did not have a clue what I was doing... the flight was going pretty smooth I thought. Next thing I know the plane starts to shake and my neighbor looks over at me. I'm not really freaking out yet because I know this is all part of the flight, so I just look back at her and smile. This goes on for the better part of an hour and the pilot has already told us that we are going to have to ride it out. I'm cool with that...this is his job he gets paid for this. Suddenly I break out into a sweat, I’m getting all hot and I find myself with no control over my body. And of course, trying to act cool I just sit there and act like nothing is going wrong. Finally this spell goes away and everything is good again. I declare that moment my first encounter with motion sickness. It felt like I was on a rollercoaster that was continuously going through barrel rolls and upside down loops... Fun at first, but gets old after a while.
My favorite quote from the flight coming from the lady beside me whom flies quite regularly for her work, "This is the worst flight I've ever been on."But the flight was successful and that's what matters.

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