15 February, 2008


After waking up late today, and eating a late lunch, I decided to go to church for a little while. I pulled out my map and located the closest church on it. It was only two blocks away off of Rambla Raval. Before I left I made sure that it would be open, by checking the internet. My search revealed that it would be closed. However, I decided to go anyways because it said that it was the oldest church in Barcelona. It has been around since the 10th century and was the location of the Sant Pau Monestary.

It was cool to see such an old building juxtaposed with the hustle and bustle of such a modern city as Barcelona. The church, although relatively simple in form compared to the Gotchic cathedrals of Barcelona, was quite beautiful. It kept a sort of humbleness to it at the same time however. I am planning on going to church there this sunday at 8.

This is what I like most about Barcelona. The fact that we are living amongst a city with such deep and rich history; that I can just walk outside my front door and see such an old building and reflect upon it.

Love and Architecture


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