15 February, 2008


Well I'm done with my required blogz, but I can't stop BLOgGing! (j/k, sort of). Anyways, Susan's post makes me think of a funny story with lessons to be learned from. I decided I should probably get a nicer pair of shoes to go out to nicer places... anyways, I began perusing. I went on my first spanish shopping spree. The first store I go in, I pick a shoe, and tell the woman my size (49)... she looks at my feet, and then back at me. The biggest size they carry is 45-- uh oh. Next store, I can't speak spanish, he looks at me, "I need shoes.?." The fella looks at my feet and responds: "NoPE!" Apparently my feet are too big. All other stores gave me the same basic responce. Lesson learned: you know what they say about guys with big feet right? THEY CAN'T BUY SHOES IN SPAIN.

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