15 February, 2008


The other day I realized how long it has been since the last time I played futbol or even worked out. So I decided to take the ball with me and just dribble around and joggle between places I am going to.
I started walking in the street and every now and then I would drop the ball by mistake. A couple of times the ball would go between people’s legs while walking and they were almost going to trip because of it. But what amazed me was the way they looked at this game. Instead of being angry and shouting they would take it and joggle with me and then pass it back.
On the way back through las ramblas. When people saw I had a ball they would start going, “passa la” and I ended up playing with random people that I didn’t know. Whether they were Spanish, English or whatever nationalities that were in the street that day.
It was a little ironic to me how a ball with air in it, erased all the cultural and language difficulties that were between people.

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