15 February, 2008

I miss Mexican food

Wow never thought it meant so much to me!! I mean the cripsy nachos with hot thick queso sauce. Grilled seafood burritoes with lobster, shrimp, and crab wrapped with lettuce, tomatos, and salsa. The huge frosted mugs of XX. Then some fried ice-cream and chocolate sauce for dessert.

Even taco bell is being missed big time. I would always get the Mexican Pizza meal with one soft and one hard taco minus the sour cream. And a side of nachos and cheese. And their quesadillas are pretty good with lots of salsa.

I also miss my cheap priced sushi. Spicy tuna, spider roll, dynamite roll, soft shell crab roll, and anything with lots of wasabi and soy sauce.

I really wish Gordita was here too. I could take her to the beach and show her off to all the other dogs then take her into stores. By the way Gordita is a huge chic magnet. She's half my game. She's a black pug.

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