15 February, 2008

EL BICIcleta es muy VALLE!!!!

There have been many first and reliving the past for me here in Barcelona. Towards the beginning of the semester, we went on our 2-day intensive journey through Barcelona with Prof. Hecker. The first day we walked everywhere. Very very tiring. The 2nd day was very interesting. We used bikes to get around. Now being in America, cars have been the main mode of transportation. And truthfully I have not touched a bicycle since middle school. So when we first got to the bike place, first of all, they were all too tall for me. Problemo numero uno. Dos I don’t think I remembered how to ride a bike. GRANDE PROBLEMO. Well he finally found a little bike for me that folded up and that was perfect for my size. Well we got on the bike and guess what I totally did not remember how to ride a bike. That was not fun for the first hour. Because Hecker kept speeding and speeding, but as the day went on I got the hang of it and by the end of the night (after 5 hours) I relearned to how ride a bike. The most important thing was I did not fall once off that bike. I loved it and want one to take home. El bicicleta es MUY VALLE!!!!!!

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