15 February, 2008

First Day in Barcelona

Since we started this blog a month into the semester I'm use this post to talk about my first day in Barcelona; well, the first one I was awake for....We decided to visit Parc Guell which I'm pretty sure was the perfect way to kick off my time in Barca. Gaudi is probably my favorite architect and being able to experience one of his most famous works first hand was truly amazing. We came in the back entrance which was actually a great way to experience. I'm pretty sure if we came in the front we would have just looked around there and left. However, being able to look down on my new home from the top of the park was really cool. We then walked through a part that I'd never seen in pictures and I realized how large the place really was. Then we found the famous part which was just as cool as I imagined and I really enjoyed exploring it. My jet lag was forgotten and I was immersed in a work of art that I will always remember.

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