15 February, 2008

RESA? Como es el residencia

So like Ryan stated. Barcelona has NO building codes. Our RESA is very interesting. The circulation is very poor and you can pretty much climb out of any window and fall. There is no net like in American or safety standards. The place we stay at is split into two different rectangular structures that rise up and the only way to connect is through the ground floor. This would not work in America and is insufficient. And our night guard I believe for the most part does not like American, b/c we always get in trouble. And it is very hard to communicate with him because he only speaks catalan and no form of English. But RESA is nice for study abroad. We have rooms with kitchen and full bathroom in which our shower curtain does not touch the floor. NOT COOL. But overall I’m lucky to live in a nicer place than the rest of the population because of the density.

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