15 February, 2008

Flawless Time Management Skills

one day, four blogs.

numero uno: So it wasn't until the past study travel that I finally started to feel like I'm in Spain- even Europe for that matter (because Europe's all the same, right?) I guess that's to say, my preconceived, stereotyped expectations hadn't been fulfilled until we took a couple day trips to El Escorial (above) and Toledo. Maybe it was the insane hills we walked up or the fairly dismal weather, but it just dawned on me how far away I am from home and what I'm experiencing here. I'm still struggling with this history stuff - it's so hard to fathom how old all these cities actually are.. I mean, Toledo was made the Visigoths capital in the 6th century AD (--yes I am a dork and this stuff impresses me) But really, I've taken history classes and can spit out some dates, but once you actually walk and feel these cities, it's crazy to think how long some of the buildings have been standing, and what they've withstood. I've also discovered how amazing flying over Spain is - and I'm glad to be back in Barcelona, where it's okay if you can't speak a lot of Spanish, and the siestas aren't nearly as intense as the smaller cities...

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