15 February, 2008

Mapping Food

Mmm…one of my favorite topics. It’s just so universal. And can make such a big impression. Thanks to some wonderful tips from the students last semester, I love meals in Barcelona. My dorm kitchen kind of has yet to really be used, and my bank account is crying, but there’s something about being able to navigate by way of restaurants (haha, fatty comment number one) Ordering off of Spanish menus with no clue as to what I’m getting is one of my new favorite things to do, seeing as I’ll eat just about anything, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised a couple of times (fatty comment number dos) After seeing the cathedral and some other sites in Toledo, a group of us found lunch, then wandered the streets and decided we wanted dessert. And coffee. Since we didn’t know the city, I found we were constantly recognizing restaurant signs and menu del dias to get around (fatty comment numero tres). Even studio you can locate with the chickens roasting on the corner. Some bad meals in Madrid left a sour taste in my mouth, but just a few good ones made it all better. The tapas in Bilbao (on my birthday) were some of the best I’ve had and the meal at the Kursaal overlooking the water in San Sebastian is one I’ll never forget. Pictures are a great way to remember a city – but I’m pretty sure food takes the cake in my heart (fatty comment number four)

P.s. Don't be surprised if a datacard ensues from this blog.


klpolla said...

i knew this was your post the second i started reading it. and i knew you wouldn't disappoint me.

klpolla said...
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