15 February, 2008

"You belong among the wildflowers... You belong somewhere you feel FREE"

A dreamscape to walk through Barcelona at night

intriguing mysterious hilarious beautiful

great for people-watching star gazing

wandering through all of the contemporary architecture

the possibility of a conversation starting

with a stranger or a friend about the construction of a building

the elements of a building the plan how why when who

lovers converse closely kissing nuzzling

there's a slight breeze runs through your hair

the moonlight catches your eyes

the Estrella guys pull their 6 packs out of hiding

they don't know we know

they offer you a beer say "muy guapa..."

i always wanted a guy to speak flattery in spanish to me

poor guys i laugh and walk away slowly

the lights never go down explore all you can

take the metro and wander your way back

You can't walk fast in this beautiful city, you could miss something.

1 comment:

G. King said...

wow this is absolutely beautiful!