14 February, 2008

Guggeinheim: From green pastures to an out this world city

The trip to Madrid was wonderful with everyone.   Madrid has many great things about its urban planning that are very left out here in Barcelona.    The lush parks in the middle of the city were a very pleasant suprise from the very built environment in Barcelona.   I really enjoyed how much GREENER of city Madrid was until seeing the beautiful land in and around Bilbao.   Bilbao very gorgeous city situated along a river, with the green mountainsides surrounding it.   It goes to show you how much the climate really changes from one location to another.   The Guggeinheim on the other hand was one amazing work of architecture.   The way it is situated along the river with the beautiful scenery in the background really compliment the amazing architecture.   I have always been a really big fan of organic designs in landscapes, but it is nicely done with building too, as I saw.   The trip to Bilbao would not have been the same with the side excursion to San Sebastian, WoW what a beautiful place.   The urban planning along the water was one of the highlights, other then the landscape, Wind Comb and the Kursaal.    The city situation right on the Atlantic with the island and mountains on both sides of the bay is a hard view to beat.  San Sebestain rivals only places that I have seen in Costa Rica.

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