14 February, 2008

Combining LARCH and ARCH

The trip to Madrid the other week was great experience to really get to see and learn a ton about architecture.  This experience here in Spain has been very great in many aspects.  I have been a little disappointed that I have not been able to absorb more landscape architecture, given my great passion for landscape architecture and the outdoor environment.    I really respect great architecture and being able to learn about some of these great architecture projects has really inspired me.   Going out on excursion with professor Hecker and talking to architecture students has really broadened my knowledge.    One of the projects that has stood out to me that incorporates both LARCH AND ARCH is the CAIXA FORUM, the project really does an amazing job of bringing together great elements from the two fields.  The way this is done is by having a nice hardscaped plaza with a Vertical Garden and then a very innovative building design.   This project was really amazing how the well the very vibrant green colors of the vertical garden worked so well with the rusty steel panels of the top section of the Caixa Forum.   I hope to see many more great projects around Europe were the "plant guys" are working with the "building guys" more.

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