14 February, 2008

Paris, France

Bonjour Paris!

I took it upon myself at the beggining of the semester to sign up along with others to go to Paris, France. Little did I know that I would be slammed with work the weekend dedicated to travel. Anyway, I went and had a pretty good time, I'm thankful for Matt Ellis and Adie who kept me sane. I have a great shot of the Eiffel Tower that is postcard worthy.

A couple things about Paris.....

The food is sold at crack prices......4 euro for water???? I should have just bottled the river water.

Never let Adie see a soccer ball if you're trying to get somewhere in the next day....He saw some other kids playing soccer underneath the Eiffel Tower and couldn't help himself.

Paris is filled with old people and their dogs.

It reminded me of Spain except for the fact that everyone was speaking French.

So I acted like Maleek in Paris.....Maleek always says "GOOD MORNING" in his Turkish accent no matter what time of the day it is. It could be 10 at night and Maleek is still all "GOOD MORNING". Well I speak horrible french and would go into the kwik-e-mart all like "BONJOUR" and i got called out because that means good day....I must have said this like 10 times everynight i was there to people. Apparently "BONSWOIR" is goodnight... oh well. Now im just glad to be back settled in in good ol' BCN!

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