14 February, 2008

Madrid trip! Oh Snap!


What to say about the Madrid trip,.......many many argue but it was awesome! The first Hostel we stayed in was the most fun i've had in awhile. It was the 12 of the guys, 6 guys in each room which sounds horrible already, but it was great. The hostel had

1. Computers for internet
2. International students who spoke pretty good english
3. A Bruno complete with accent and fur coat.
4. A kitchen and a good amount of showers with warm water

On this trip we went to Reina Sofia, the Caixa Forum, to Toledo to see the Escalators, to then to Bilbao to see the Guggenheim, and then San Sebastian to see Wind Comb and Kursaal.

I was pissed when I watched the superbowl in Madrid and the Patriots lost. The Reina Sofia and Caixa Forum were pretty cool though even though I don't get as excited about cantilevers as the architects do, I could respect the buildings. Toledo was beautiful except Josh Kehl and I missed the train because the ticket guy was a giant trough of douche. The escalators were fun but don't forget your sketch books because you'll get in trouble.
Bilbao was a dead nightlife town. Its quality of transportation and area were much cleaner, but there was really nothing to do besides visiting the Guggenheim which was great by the way.
San Sebastian was great, It was the most beautiful site visit yet and the most fun. Wind Comb was interactive and a blast. I have a video of Harry Han putting his hat on the wind holes, I hope i can load it on this blog.

All in all the Madrid trip was great except the 36 hours all of us spent staying up all night when we got back to finish the massive amount of data cards and case studies for Hecker.

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