15 February, 2008

PARIS: amazing y cuesto mucho dinero

So Paris was an amazing time. We almost missed our flight and literally had to run to the gate. NOT FUN. We have learned our lesson from now on leave 3 hrs. Prior to flying. We decided to take the train to save money to use while we were in Paris so we got to the train station and little did we know the trains left every half hour. So we had to take two taxis. It was not too bad because there were 8 of us. We got to pairs. And Paris metro is very unorganized and people don’t know where the trains are headed just like the ones in Madrid. And just to get to our hotel to use the train there it cost 8.20 euros one way. That is crazy. So just remember when you go to Paris, EXPECT to spend a good bit of money. Our hotel was not that bad and we had one full day to see everything. The first day we got there it was night time so we decided to see the Eiffel Tower. All I have to say is it was breathtaking; it was gorgeous and GUESS WHAT the Eiffel Tower has many strobe lights and lights up like little stars during certain times of the night. This was the best thing every. What a great weekend. We also saw the Louvre, Notre Dame, the Arc and much more. All I have to say is the “Mona Lisa” is a DISSAPOINTMENT. It was so small blocked by two sets of glass covers and a round arch bar that you have to stand behind to see it with two guards watching over it at all times. Not the greatest experience. Notre Dame was amazing. This was the first time I have ever seen flying buttresses in my life and they were breathtaking. What was really cool about it, was that I always wanted to see a catholic ceremony and they had one while we were visiting so we got very lucky. But overall this trip was a great success and very amazing just be ready to pay a little for everything. ESPECIALLY water.

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