15 February, 2008

Pigeons? Squirrels? They're all the same...

During one of Hecker's first classes, we went on an all day, foot excursion through the first half of the city, and all was gravy until after lunch, when a pigeon took a large, wet... (well, let's just say a diaper on his heiny would have been totally awesome...) on my head. I want to thank all those wonderful girls who carry tissues in their bags, and Matt Ellis for having a bottle of water in his backpack, or I would have been walking around with white shat in my hair ALL day. The funny part was, I never got upset. I had no idea how to react to a pigeon shatting on my head, so I cracked up, completely. Who the heck does he think he is anyways?
To sum things up, the pigeons in Barcelona are like the squirrels in Clemson. Everywhere. Data card this!

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