15 February, 2008

There is always something going on in Barcelona

I remember a few days ago, prof. Hecker was telling us, "are you guys bored of Barcelona yet?"
I started thinking since the places are the same, the weather is almost always the same, then at some point we are going to really get bored of Barcelona.
that same day I went shopping from Carrefour. and so I wouldn't stop in the long line upfront I went to the cash register at the back. paid for everything and left from the back, only to find myself lost, ,but after a couple of minutes walking I found myself by the Museum of Contemporary arts!!!
the next day and as I passed by the plaza that we always pass by to studio. there was a large party going on in there.
A bunch of days before that I was running by the beach and all of a sudden I hear drums. so I went to Barcelonita to see where it was coming from and there was a "Carnaval"
so I guess what I'm trying to reach with this blog is no matter how long I stay here, I don't think I will ever be bored of Barcelona.

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