15 February, 2008

Top 10 Rambla Fouls

La Rambla is definitely one of the biggest tourist draws in Barcelona. Selling everything from city maps to live hens, in addition to hosting a wide array of street performers, la Rambla just simply sucks you in. On an initial impression, it reminded me a little bit of Times Square in NYC - it was always busy, there was always something to do or see. Over the past 5 or so weeks, however, ive managed to pick up on a few important "Rambla Fouls," so that said, here are my top 10 Do Nots on La Rambla:

10. Buy postcards, because they're half as expensive down any and all of the side streets

9. Eat different food at another restaurant's patio tables, this seems to be a grave sin

8. stop suddenly, this ones important if you dont want to get plowed

7. take pictures with the bat performer at night

6. attempt to get anywhere quickly

5. take a week's worth of groceries from Carrefour to RESA

4. take pictures of the performers and then not pay them, i think we'd all be ticked as well

3. go alone at night, because there's a good chance you'll be force-fed drugs

2. RIDE A BIKE, gimme a break, its hard enough to walk

1. attempt to keep up with Professor Hecker while riding previously mentioned bike

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